Opportunities to Spend More Than Just a Vacation in the USA

The American Dream is a concept many of us are familiar with. But have you ever been confident enough to make it reality? It’s easier than you think to spend a few weeks or months on American soil.

Camp America

An option for young people taking a gap year before university or those looking for an adventure during the summer holidays is to work at a children’s summer camp in the USA. There are various programmes from which to choose from that all operate similarly – you apply for the programme, get interviewed by programme reps, and, if successful, your application is forwarded to camp directors from across the USA who then pick and choose their team.

If you have skills in sport, music, theatre or art, you can apply to be a specialist counsellor and put those skills to use teaching or entertaining the campers. Alternatively, apply to be a general counsellor whose responsibility is to look after the kids’ overall welfare, safety and good mood.

Work America

The Work America scheme is really convenient for those looking to spend a few months in the USA. Candidates can apply through agencies in their home country that find employment for each successful applicant and help organise flights and a work permit.

Available work is usually of the seasonal kind and so tends to be based in resort areas. For example, you could be working at a beach club, a restaurant or in a souvenir shop.

Business Networking

For older people already in full time employment, business networking is an excellent reason to hop across the pond. The USA is a huge country with a huge economy so industry-specific events such as conferences and seminars are commonplace.

Do some research to determine the best time of year to go to the USA. A good time would be when there is more than one event for you to attend. This makes financial sense as you can save on flights by going just the once instead of more than once.

General Tips

While emailing is often sufficient for general queries that can wait, urgent questions and requests are best settled over the phone. Calls often also make it easier to clarify complex visa procedures and alike, as you get the chance to have a real time conversation. To save precious pennies, find yourself a local cheap calls to USA service.

If you are planning to go to the USA for a longer period of time, and hope to work on the spot, you’ll need to apply for a visa. Make sure you’re ready and prepared to answer a long series of questions that you will be asked during your interview at the nearest embassy. One of the most important points to be able to justify is that you have something to return to back home. This could be unfinished studies, your whole family, a serious partner, a job or alike. The USA needs some sort of proof that you have no intention of illegally settling down in the country.

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